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Evidence-based Clear Aligner Therapy: Can Clear Aligners Treat All Malocclusions? (Ortodontian jaoston koulutus) (81723)


29.9.2023, klo 8.30 - 17.00


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How does clear aligners work? Which biomechanical principles should be considered, when planning your treatment in the digital environment? Understanding the biomechanics of aligners and their application in the digital environment are pivotal inquiries for orthodontist seeking a comprehensive treatment approach to ensure favorable and predictable clinical outcomes. These questions also shed light on the types of cases that can be effectively treated solely with aligners and when it becomes necessary to incorporate supplementary aids (such as hybrid approaches and auxiliaries) to achieve the desired digitally planned result. Furthermore, it is essential to explore the existing evidence in this field to inform and guide orthodontic practice.

Luennoitsijat: Dr. Thor Henriksson ja Dr. Waddah Sabouni

Dr. Thor Henrikson made his Dental degree and specialist Orthodontic training at University of Malmo Sweden. He made his PHD thesis 1999 about Orthodontic treatment and TMD and since then he has published over 40 articles in Orthodontic literature. In addition, he has published chapters in one textbook about interdisciplinary treatments. 
Thor Henrikson became a member of the Angle Society of Europe in 2002 and has also presides it. He runs a private practice in Malmö since 1996 and teaches and supervises part time at University of Malmo. Thor Henrikson is a frequent lecturer in Sweden and internationally. He has been working with Invisalign since 2001 and is a Platinum Elite Provider.
Dr. Henrikson and his team has during the last years developed experience in treating more advanced malocclusions, such as open bite cases and extraction cases with Invisalign.

Dr. Waddah Sabouni, orthodontist specialist, received his DDS degree in 2002 from Aleppo University. He received his orthodontics degree from the University of Paris V from 2003-2006 and did a postgraduate in lingual orthodontics from the University of Paris V from 2007-2009 and then a postgraduate in orthognathic surgery from the University of Lyon II from 2009-2011. He is a member of the French Orthodontic Society, American Orthodontic Society, World Orthodontic Society, board member of the French Aligner Society and speaker for European Align Society.  He is an international speaker for Align Technology, Diamond Provider since 2013, member of Invisalign Elite Club. Winner of the Align Technology International Research Awards 2015. Dr. Sabouni lectures part time at University of Paris V, la reunion university, UCAM university, European Master of Aligners and is in private practices in UAE and South of France.



Dr. Thor Henriksson
Dr. Waddah Sabouni


pe 29.9. Evidence-based Clear Aligner Therapy: Can Clear Aligners Treat All Malocclusions?

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