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Members of Apollonia can apply for research grants, travel grants for presenting research results at scientific meetings and theses grants.

Research grants are awarded annually and the application period is in autumn in October. Research grants are also offered by the Finnish Dental Foundation and the Joint Fund of Dental Organizations. Travel and lecturer travel grants can be applied for all year round, although the application must be submitted before the trip. Travel grants may be granted every other year. Thesis grants for thesis expenses can be applied for after the thesis is presented to the university faculty.

Grants can be applied for by members and student members. Applications are made on-line on a Grant System, which requires logging in with your own email and password.

More information about research and travel grants: Aija Hietala-Lenkkeri (firstname.lastname@apollonia.fi, tel. 0400 477 599)
More information about thesis grants: Laura Kimari (firstname.lastname@apollonia.fi, tel. +358 40 099 2707)