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The Finnish Dental Society Apollonia and the Finnish Dental Foundation distribute research grants annually. Research grants are awarded to full-time members and student members of Apollonia for scientific research that promotes Finnish dentistry.

A decision concerning a research grant application will be notified to each applicant in person in the month of March following the application. Successful grant applications will be announced in March at the Apollonia Symposium and on the Apollonia website. A list of 2022 research grant recipients (pdf, in Finnish).

The application period for research grants for 2023 has ended.

Research grant applications are to be submitted via the Apollonia electronic grant system (In Finnish). The username to be used for the grant system is the applicant’s e-mail address in the Apollonia member register.

Apply for grant

New users registering as users of the grant system for the first time: https://apollonia.apurahat.net/register.aspx

The applicant should check the functionality of his/her username well in advance of submitting his/her application. Detailed instructions for completing a research grant application can be found in the grant system.

The Apollonia membership of the grant applicant will be verified in the grant system prior to the commencement of the new application via a separate login to the Apollonia membership register (Kongressi system). Membership is reviewed once a year.

The research that is the subject of the application must possess all the necessary valid permits, copies of which the applicant must be able to present upon request before the grant is taken.

The permits and the statements of the grant applications guide

Student grant applicants and non-doctoral students, as well as doctoral grant applicants working in research groups, are required to submit a grant application to the responsible research supervisor. More detailed instructions can be found on the Commitment tab in the grant system.

The Finnish Dental Society Apollonia, the Finnish Dental Foundation and the Joint Fund of Dental Organisations do not provide funding for any overheads charged by a university.

The evaluation criteria for grant applications can be found here. (in Finnish)

Apollonia and Foundation research grants

Research grants from the Finnish Dental Society Apollonia and the Finnish Dental Foundation can be applied for for scientific work (work grant), to cover work expenses (expense grant) or to cover both scientific work and work expenses (work and expense grant). The maximum amount of a research grant is EUR 20,000.

The following research grants are available:

  1. Encouragement grants max 5,000 EUR (to researchers working on their doctoral thesis)
  2. Research grants to fund full-time research  (Part-time research is possible)
    8 month grant max 20,000 EUR
    4 month grant max 10,000 EUR

The following sponsored grants are also available:

  • Grant of oral health promotion
  • Colgate grant
  • Oral grant
  • Planmeca Group grant
  • Grant for Pediatric Dentistry (Division of Pediatric Dentistry)
  • Grant for Implantology (Division of Implantology)
  • Grant for Orthodontics (Division of Orthodontics)
  • Grant for Parodontology (Division of Parodontology)

Student grants

A student grant can be applied for by a dental student who is a member of Apollonia. A student member can only apply for a student grant. Student grants can be applied for for scientific work and research costs. The maximum amount of the student grant is EUR 3,000.

Emerging researcher’s stipend

An emerging researcher’s grant is given to a dentist conducting a dissertation research. The grant recipient must perform research work as their main job during the grant period. The recipient of an emerging researcher’s grant must submit a detailed written plan for the use of the grant and working hours to the Finnish Dental Foundation (Vesa Pohjola, (firstname.lastname@apollonia.fi) before starting the grant application.

In October 2022, an emerging researcher’s grant can be applied to cover the period 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024.

An emerging researcher’s grant may be awarded for scientific work (work grant), to cover the expenses of the work (expense grant) or to cover both scientific work and the costs of the work (work and expense grant).

The emerging researcher’s grants are EUR 21,500 (12 months) and EUR 12,000 (6 months).

Joint Fund of Dental Organisations grant

The applicant for a research grant from the Finnish Dental Association Apollonia and the Joint Fund of Dental Organisations grant must be a member of Apollonia and the Finnish Dental Foundation. A research grant from the Joint Fund can be applied for for scientific work and research expenses.

The research focal points to be supported by the Joint Fund are:

  • health economics
  • health care research (e.g. treatment effectiveness, management, division of labour and organizational research, as well as research on the functioning of the service system),
  • public health science and epidemiology, as well as
  • clinical research related to the work, well-being and working conditions of a dental professional.

For research grant recipients

Notification of receipt of a grant

Research grants for 2023 will be announced in March in week 11. Applicants will receive a message from the grant system informing them that they have received a grant or that a grant has not been awarded. At the same time, grant recipients are requested to provide bank account and personal information in the electronic system.


The grant recipient does not have to notify receipt of the grant separately. If the grant recipient cannot accept the grant, he or she should contact Annamari Nihtilä (firstname.lastname@apollonia.fi) as soon as possible.


Payments for 2023 research, title and student grants will begin in March after the Apollonia Symposium. Grants will generally be paid in one instalment during 2023.

The first instalment of the emerging researcher’s grant will be paid according to an agreement and the second instalment after six months, after the grant recipient has submitted a report on the progress and continuation of the research by e-mail to the representative of the Finnish Dental Foundation Vesa Pohjola (firstname.lastname@shlts.fi).

Use and disruptions

The grant must always be used for the purpose for which it has been awarded.

Payment of the emerging researcher’s grant requires full-time research work. Payment of the grant is suspended for a period of paid employment, official position, military service, parental or care leave, etc. An extension of the period of use may be negotiated if payment is suspended due to military service, parental or care leave.

Grants received from elsewhere

Grants received from elsewhere during the last three years and pending grant applications will be indicated in the grant application. Other grants awarded during the grant application period do not need to be reported.

Social security

The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela manages the beneficiaries’ statutory employment pension and accident insurance. According to the law, the insurance obligation applies to a person covered by Finnish social security who has received a science work grant from Finland.

The scholarship must be intended for at least four months of scientific work and must be converted into annual earnings of at least EUR 4,131 (in 2022). A person covered by Finnish social security must also obtain insurance with a scholarship when working abroad or when coming to work in Finland from abroad. More information: Mela

The insurance obligation applies to both those who have received a personal grant and those who work with a grant in a working group. The insurance obligation does not apply to grants awarded for undergraduate studies or to cover expenses only. Insurance premiums are determined by earned income. The pension insurance premium is tax deductible. More information: Mela


The grants are tax-free up to the amount of euros corresponding to the annual state artist grant (the tax-free limit for 2022 is EUR 24,761.09). During January, Apollonia will provide the tax authority with an annual declaration from the grantor of the work grants paid during the previous year.

Tax-free grants are also subject to notification obligations. The recipient must check the information in their pre-filled tax return and correct it if necessary.

The grant recipient will not provide Apollonia with a tax card and Apollonia will not withhold tax on grants paid, even if the amount of the grant paid in a calendar year exceeds the amount of the tax-free grant. Any possible tax will be paid retrospectively in excess of the tax-free grant. The deductibility of pension contributions and other expenses can be inquired from the tax authority.

For more information on grant taxation:

Report on the use of the research grant

The recipient must make a report on the use of his/her research grant in the grant system by the end of the calendar year following the year of award. When applying for a new grant, a statement of a research grant previously awarded by The Finnish Dental Society Apollonia, the Finnish Dental Foundation and the Joint Fund of Dental Organisations must have been made.

More information:
Annamari Nihtilä, etunimi.sukunimi@apollonia.fi, tel. +358 50 569 7800
Vesa Pohjola, etunimi.sukunimi@shlts.fi, tel. +358 40 146 3696